GOODSMANN TACTICPRO Lighting Set (Goodsmann TACTICPRO Powerful 2000 Lumen HID Spotlight 9924-0011-06 + Goodsmann Tacticpro LED Flashlight 9924-0011-01)

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This powerful Goodsmann Tacticpro 2000 lumens 12 volt lightweight spotlight produces an incredible beam distance of up to 850 meters (0.528 miles). High-Intensity Discharge (HID) lamp produce light with an electric arc rather than a glowing filament. The high intensity of the arc comes from metallic salts that are vaporized within the arc chamber. These lamps are formally known as "Gas-Discharge Burners" and have a higher efficacy than tungsten lamps.  Automotive HID may be called “Xenon Headlamps", though they are actually Metal-Halide lamp that contain Xenon gas. It features a powerful HID bulb for maximum brightness, a tempered glass lens, an aluminum reflector and a spot-to-flood light adjustable beam. It is impact resistant up to 1 meter. 

Goodsmann Tacticpro LED Flashlight 9924-0011-01 is an easily portable, rugged, and long-lasting flashlight. This powerful flashlight provides exceptional lighting capability in a compact form, easily fitting inside most pockets and purses. This flashlight’s specially designed grip is tailored for comfortable handling and its molded edges reduce the risk of it slipping out of hand. The Tacticpro LED 1AA flashlight utilizes optimized LED technology providing dependable bright and steady light. The Tacticpro LED 1AA flashlight is made from one of the strongest reinforced nylons available, providing corrosion resistance and long-lasting dependability. The battery compartment is safely protected from external elements, enabling use in a variety of extreme conditions. It operates effectively in hot, cold, wet, and dry climates. Users can even operate this flashlight underwater (up to one meter of depth). Whether working in a hot shed or fixing a boat propeller beneath water, the Tacticpro LED 1AA flashlight will satisfy all lighting needs.

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