GOODSMANN Spotlight 6000 Lumen Boat Spotlight Waterproof Rechargeable Marine Spotlight LED Hunting Spotlight with Detachable Red Light Filter, EVA Carrying Case 9903-C102-01


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  • 6000 LUMEN BRIGHT LED SPOTLIGHT. This LED spotlight generates 6000 lumens super bright light with 70 W by using 3 LED XHP70.2. These LEDs ensure the quality of brightness and longevity of this light
  • ADDITIONAL LED FLOODLIGHT. An additional LED Floodlight is under the head of this spotlight. This floodlight is designed for close-range lighting playing when you are holding this spotlight with your hands
  • FLOATABILITY AND GOOD HEAT DISSIPATION. It’s made of IP67 technology that can protect the spotlight from water. It will support the spotlight to float on the water. And an aluminum ring is at the head of the spotlight which provides better heat dissipation
  • EVA CARRYING CASE AND RED FILTER LENS ARE INCLUDED. This portable spotlight comes with a special EVA carrying case and a red filter lens. The EVA carrying case can place the spotlight and other fitting equipments. The spotlight can be equipped with a red filter lens that will be worked well in red light needed area
  • WORKING WHEN CHARGING. There is a rising voltage circuit, a 10 feet thick coil and a 5A fuse inside the spotlight. These tools will support the spotlight working when it is charging. And over charging protection system will protect it from over-charging

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