Goodsmann Tacticpro Bright Portable Cordledss Rechargeable Halogen Flood/Spotlight 9924-0011-08

Venus Manufacture

You just can’t beat the Goodsmann Rechargeable Spotlight for cordless operation with 1100 lumens.

The powerful & invaluable Goodsmann 1100 Lumen Rechargeable Spotlight is useful and convenient for emergency situations. This high-intensity spotlight delivers a powerful 1100 lumens of bright light. The aluminum reflector present in this halogen rechargeable spotlight enhances the illumination output. 

This Goodsmann Tacticpro powerful rechargeable battery is self-contained to allow total portability. You can recharge this powerful spotlight using the provided DC adapter or AC charger. The status of the charge is indicated by the LED charging light. Charging may be done with the battery in or out of the spotlight from a standard 120-volt AC electrical outlet or a 12-volt DC lighter plug receptacle. The battery can be removed in just seconds and replaced with a fully charged battery for extended lighting requirements.

Made from durable ABS plastic with tempered glass, this cordless rechargeable spotlight ensures durable use. The metal bracket present in this spotlight enables convenient storage and carrying. Other features include a trigger switch with a locking "ON" button and yellow rubberized pistol grip. This hand-held spotlight will prove to be useful during power outages, off roading, inside garages, or emergency situations. It can also be used during camping, boating, fishing, hunting, hiking, patrolling and adventure trips.

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