Malibu Submersible LED Pond Light Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Underwater Flood Light Landscape Lights 8 Pack 8401-3501-08

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Malibu low voltage underwater landscape light will not only create an atmosphere of beauty and elegance to your pond, pool, or fountain but also provide security to those areas that are difficult to light. This light set is efficient, powerful, warm natural colored output, and is water-tight. Malibu LED lighting products are perfect for illuminating your water landscapes at night. This LED garden and pond lighting consists of permanently sealed watertight fixtures that can be used fully submersed.

So this light is specially designed for illuminating underwater and should only be applied to the illumination of ponds or small fountains.

Designed for underwater use, this lamp is hermetically sealed against water and is intended for ponds and small decorative fountains. It should not be used in swimming, wading, soaking, or bathing water. 15-foot cable can directly connect to the power pack, making it convenient and safe.

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