Malibu Low Voltage 20W Outdoor Waterproof Lighting, Non-Corrosive Metal Construction with Aged Brass Finish 8 PK 8308-9603-08

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A Malibu Low Voltage 20W Halogen Floodlight?
The light uses only with the transformer that has a maximum output rating of 12 volts
1. Count the total number of lights you purchase which will be connected to this transformer
2. Find wattage on lighting performance chart on the back of the light fixture packaging
3. Select a compatible transformer
4. Determine wire gauge.

A Malibu Low Voltage 20W Halogen Floodlight.
Provide 176 lumens of powerful warm light temperature
Contain a powerful halogen light requiring only 20W of power

A Malibu Low Voltage 20W Halogen Floodlight!
Made of cast metal construction, durable and bad weather resistant
Suitable for garden, yard, pathway, driveway, etc, good to decorate your home

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