Multipurpose Hanging Organizer With 6 Hooks 6616-1001-01


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Easily organize and store household items with this amazing hanger.

This versatile hanger utilizes hooks and adjustable slots (each including a slip-proof rubber grip insert) ensuring all items stay firmly in place.

The adjustable slot and rubber grips will keep even your heaviest and thinnest items secure.

The intuitive design prevents items from slipping but will easily release by gripping your item and pulling up.

If your items require a wider slot, you can easily remove the rubber grip significantly increasing holding capacity.

This durable high-quality hanger is secured by a wall-mount anchored by 6 screws providing excellent stability and superb weight carrying capacity.

This hanger easily holds over 10 items at a time allowing users to successfully organize and store household items maximizing living space.

This versatile and attractive hanger can be hung in the garage and used to hang tools, sporting gear, etc or it can be hung inside and used to hang cleaning products such as a broom and mop.

There are so many ways this hanger will help you organize. Don't let this amazing deal slip your grasp. Order today.