Malibu Solar Mason Jar String Lights 2 Sets


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Mason jars are so versatile! They're making an appearance now as the most beautiful lighting fixtures. These decorative glass jars emit hundreds of twinkling beams of light through silver mercury for a unique ambiance in any setting. It is designed to add year round lighting and decor to any patio, deck, pathway, tree or trellis. Durable metal construction ensures longevity, with a 5mm LED bulb, which never needs replacing. It has a high performance solar panel that provides a warm white LED light and a run time of up to eight hours. Installation is easy.

  • Designed to be year around lighting for decoration of any patio, deck, pathway, tree or trellis
  • Metal construction with a black finish gives the good contrast to decorative Mercury glass jars
  • 8 Lumens per Jar light output provide excellent brightness of the lights
  • 3000k Color Temperature warm white light output makes lights very beautiful
  • A 800 mAh NiCd Battery with the powerful solar panel keeps the lights running for minimum of 8 Hours

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