Malibu LED 4W In Ground Well Lights Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Low Voltage Lighting Spotlight for Driveway, Deck, Step, Garden Lights Outdoor 8401-3500-08

Venus Manufacture

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  • 4-watt well light produces a bright 200 lumen light output is suitable for indoor outdoor lighting decoration and ideal for illuminating tree bases and canopies
  • The metal construction is not only corrosion-resistant but also weatherproof and dustproof and with long service life and durability
  • High light transmission lenses, make these buried landscape ground well lights appear brighter than the typical one
  • Work with 12 volts, which is compatible with most low-voltage landscape lighting systems. An additional low-voltage transformer is required for installation (NOT INCLUDED in this light)
  • Comes with a connector that is easy to connect to the cable, just place the connector on each side of the cable and rotate it to lock.

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