Malibu 20 Watt Floodlight Low Voltage Landscape Lighting 8301-9604-01

Venus Manufacture

The Malibu 20 Watt Floodlight is a low voltage landscape lighting containing a powerful halogen light designed to accentuate the beautiful areas of your landscape. 

Their easy to install lighting not only highlights beautiful areas of your landscape at night but also adds protection for your home by illuminating darker areas. This floodlight utilizes a swiveling head, allowing for easy directional lighting customization. 

The Malibu 20 Watt Floodlight’s black finish gives it a professional appearance, and its high-quality metal construction and waterproof seals protect it from weather conditions making it the perfect long-term investment for your outdoor space. In addition to its appealing design and excellent illumination capabilities, this Malibu floodlight is also efficient, requiring only 20 watts of power. 

All Malibu lighting systems are easy to install, making it a quick, fun project for do-it-yourselfers.

Note: Use only with low voltage outdoor landscape lighting products with Malibu low voltage transformer for peak performance (sold separately).

Collections: Landscape Light

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