GOODSMANN Spotlight Rechargeable LED Spot Light Flashlight 2000 Lumen Waterproof Handheld lights Portable Spotlight Rechargeable with Emergency Whistle 89203-01A

Venus Manufacture

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  • 2000 LUMENS BRIGHT SPOTLIGHT. This goodsmann spotlight is equipped with LED. It has three modes that can generate 2000 lumen light maximum and 450 Lumen light minimum. That makes this spotlight be well-suited in different environments
  • WATERPROOF SPOTLIGHT. This spotlight is made of IP67 technology. This technology makes this spotlight work perfectly when it is on a rainy day or a humid environment
  • ON-OFF TRIGGER LOCKING BUTTON. A push-button is near the on-off trigger. This button is a Take "lock" apparatus to lock the switch to make the on-off switch cannot be pressed down for avoiding mistakes operating
  • REVERSE CHARGE SPOTLIGHT. This spotlight comes with a 100-240V USB wall charger for charging it for 5-6 hours. However, it also can charge other electrical devices via USB cable. Feel more convenient when your electrical devices are out of power
  • EMERGENCY WHISTLE INCLUDED. Are you lost your orientation in daylight? Do not be worry. An emergency whistle is tied to the bottom of the pistol grip of the spotlight. It will come in handy when you are in some kind of trouble

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