Goodsmann LED Night Light Wall Light Emergency Lights Switch Cordless Portable Closet Light Multi-Use Self-Stick Battery Operated Night Wall Light, 4 Pack 9924-0011-12

Venus Manufacture

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Are you tired of dark areas in your home, closet, cabinet, shed and afraid of fumbling around the dark? Now you can turn on the light wherever you need it fast, easy and without tools. This Goodsmann multi-purpose LED light switch is great for your lighting bedrooms, under cabinets, closets, attics, sheds, garage, armoires, autos, emergencies, or anywhere else. The peel-and-stick adhesive pad attaches securely to most surfaces in seconds, so you can have a bright light wherever needed without dealing with messy wires! This is the finest Light Switch Light on the market because this unit features the latest LED technology, which is not only bright, but will last a lifetime. The light will always stay cool to the touch, making them great for kids’ rooms. No need to call an electrician, you can have a bright light wherever neede without expensive wiring or installation. To use just flip the switch. It's that easy! Installation tips: 1. Once light switch unit is adhered to a surface, do not attempt to peel off and adhere to another surface. It will lose its adhesiveness. 2. Clean and sanitize the surface the light switch is adhering to, allowing for a longer and more permanent bond. 3. Turn off light when not in use to preserve battery use and longevity of light.