Goodsmann i-eye intelligent LED desktop lamp, desk lamp, eye protection led light, piano baking varnish, free auxiliary light given(Patent Pending) (Black9924-0112-01)



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The i-eye is a revolutionary desk lamp featuring advanced LED illumination technology providing optimal lighting conditions for every occasion.The i-eye light is designed in a elegant curve.The surface texture is exquisite and smooth.When you adjust the light to the maximum brightness,the color temperature is 4000K.You will definitely love the night with our i-eye light.Besides,it is in a elaborate lens design,the light is soft and natural to protect your eyes.The specially designed LED chip allows users to adjust the main light to preferred brightness and color temperature.The i-eye desk lamp also features an auxiliary light for free that providing indirect illumination of surrounding areas.The main and auxiliary light harmoniously combine to provide optimal lighting conditions allowing users to reduce eye strain while increasing productivity.Whether you are studying for an exam,or preparing for an important business meeting,the i-eye desk lamp will keep your goal within vision. The elegantly designed i-eye desk lamp is manufactured using the highest quality components.The sleekly engineered frame is manufactured from aviation aluminum and coated with a brilliant professional mirageblack paint.The i-eye is not only stunningly beautiful,it is also functional.The rotating base allows users to creat proper lighting angles while the formed cast iron lamp holder keeps the lamp firmly in place.I-eye’s intuitive lighting controls allow users to easily create any desired lighting condition.


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