Goodsmann boat cover, Grey 300d Pontoon, rubber boats, Silvery gray, water resistant, weather protection, trailerable, different size

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The 300 Denier Pontoon Boat cover is a durable, reflective, and water-repellent boat cover perfectly designed to keep your boat looking great. The lightweight reflective polyester fabric is double stitched along its seams using double strength thread providing superior strength and long-lasting durability. Protect your boat from harmful UV rays or exposure from rain or snow. A built-in shock-cord securely attaches the cover to the boat providing a tight-fit and optimal protection. The 300 Denier’s ingenious bow-strap design facilitates fast and easy installation and removal maximizing your time on the water. The 300 Denier comes in 2 different sizes please see dimensions by model number below. 300 Denier Model A - Fits 17’-20’ with Beam width to 96” 300 Denier Model B - Fits 21’-24’ with Beam width to 96”. If these covers do not meet your boat’s specifications, we likely have one that will. Goodsmann boat covers are the highest quality covers on the market and will keep your boat looking new.

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