300W Outdoor Low Voltage Transformer with Timer and Photo Sensor, 120V AC to 12V/15V AC Power Supply, Suitable for 12-15V Exterior Garden Landscape Lighting with ETL Listed.

Venus Manufacture

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  • 100% OUTPUT 12V/15V MULTIFUNCTIONAL TRANSFORMER. Still, worried that the transformer will cause power loss for some reason? This transformer can achieve 100% power output with 4 modes: On, Auto, Timer, and Astro. And it supports 12V or 15V output that can meet your different needs
  • TWO PERIODS OF TIME SETTING. This transformer is capable of setting two time periods during the day in auto, timer, and Astro mode. It allows you to set two time periods and maximize energy savings, meet your setting needs in different time periods
  • ASTRONOMICAL TIMER. The “Astro” mode uses your geographic location to track sunrise/sunset times to determine the best on/off times for maximum energy efficiency. In addition, with this mode, you can completely install the transformer indoors or in a location where the sun will not shine directly on it, better extending the service life of the transformer
  • OVERLOAD DISPLAY. All functional modes of this transformer are visualized and displayed on the LCD. And overload is included. It allows you to know and keep track of the total power of the connected appliances, and it also has an overload protection function to eliminate any problems caused by overload
  • ONE-CLICK SET UP BUTTON. Do you feel that setting all these functions is too troublesome and time-consuming? Then our product's one-click setup function can help you avoid all the tedious processes! Simply press and hold the "MODE" button for 3s to use our pre-set optimal switch setting time. This saves you a lot of time.


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